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Attorney Tregg Lunn is a Lincoln, Nebraska lawyer providing services in the areas of consumer law, bankruptcy and criminal defense. He has years of experience helping clients accused of crimes and those consumers being harassed or abused by overly-aggressive debt collectors.  Many of the tactics used by these collectors violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and other consumer protection laws. Mr. Lunn also helps clients pursue other alternatives such as bankruptcy and debt payment plans. In the area of criminal law, Tregg provides aggressive defense for all adult and juvenile misdemeanor and felony offenses. A free consultation is available by contacting the Law Office of Tregg Lunn.

Abusive Debt Collection

No matter how much money a consumer might owe on a debt, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act  prohibits abusive, deceptive and unfair debt collection tactics. The FDCPA covers household, family and personal debts, including medical expenses, credit card debts, auto loans and mortgages, to name a few items.

If you are being harassed by a debt collector, by law you may be entitled to $1000 or more in damages. In addition, the FDCPA requires abusive collectors to pay the consumer’s attorney’s fees and costs.  That means if a collector has harassed, abused or otherwise violated the FDCPA, your legal fees are paid by the collector.  Ask the Law Office of  Tregg Lunn if this applies to your specific case.

Debt collectors are prohibited from contacting you at inconvenient times and places. For example, they may not contact you between 9:01 pm and 7:59 am. They may not contact you at work if you have told them not to. Debt collectors are also prohibited from discussing your information with others, as well as from giving false credit information. They cannot threaten you economically, physically or otherwise. As well, they may not threaten to sue you when they actually have no intention to do so or lack the means. If you are experiencing debtor harassment, the Law Office of Tregg Lunn can help you.

Bankruptcy Services

Bankruptcy is a legal, affordable method to discharge and resolve your debts. Chapter 7 bankruptcy  helps discharge debts while simultaneously avoiding foreclosure. Also, you may be able to retain ownership of your vehicle and home. The Law Office of Tregg Lunn can help you with your personal and/or business debts through the appropriate bankruptcy proceeding.

Criminal Defense

If you were charged with a criminal offense or are under investigation for one, it is essential to take action and hire an experienced and effective criminal defense lawyer immediately. As a former public defender in both Nebraska and Colorado, as well as in private practice, Tregg has extensive experience in all misdemeanor and felony offenses, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • DUI – all first, second, third and subsequent drunk and drugged driving charges
  • Theft offenses – shoplifting, bad checks, auto theft, burglary, robbery
  • Drug offenses – possession, distribution, trafficking, manufacturing, heroin, meth, cocaine, other
  • Domestic violence – domestic and sexual assault, protection order violations, stalking, harassment
  • White collar crimes – identity theft, fraud, business crimes, federal charges
  • Other – all other, including juvenile offenses

Lincoln, Nebraska Attorney Tregg Lunn

Attorney Tregg Lunn provides aggressive, zealous and personalized representation to clients in need of help in the areas of consumer law, bankruptcy, criminal defense and other areas. Legal fees are affordable and flexible payment plans are available. For a confidential, no-cost case review, call the Law Office of  Tregg Lunn at 402-730-7021.