#1 Thing You Should Do When Your Bankruptcy is Over

Filing for, and completing, a bankruptcy is usually not at the top of most people’s lists for “number one fun thing to do.” It’s often the last resort, I’m-drowning-in-medical-bills, I-don’t-see-any-other-way-out option.
But if you have to do it, you do it. You wipe clean your financial slate with a bankruptcy. Any creditors claiming you owe them money have to get their claims in by certain deadlines, and you have a structured payment plan on how to get everyone paid back, or no repayment plan at all.
A bankruptcy is a one-shot opportunity to wipe the slate clean, so shouldn’t you make sure that slate is completely clean?
The number one thing you should do to make sure you are starting on a blank page after your bankruptcy is over is to check your credit reports a few months after the bankruptcy is done. You need to make sure there are no outstanding accounts on your credit report that were supposed to be erased by the bankruptcy.
After all, if you went to the hassle of filing for bankruptcy, shouldn’t you get the full benefit of a bankruptcy?