Tregg Lunn

Protecting your rights is the top priority for Attorney Tregg Lunn, a Nebraska Lawyer. Tregg provides dedicated legal representation to people who need to resolve difficult legal problems in the areas of Consumer Rights, Bankruptcy and Criminal Defense. He is a compassionate advocate who works diligently to find creative solutions to a variety of legal issues, from unfair debt collection practice violations to criminal defense representation.

The Law Office of Tregg Lunn

A native of Grand Island, Nebraska, Tregg Lunn opened his own law practice following completion of his law degree at the Denver College of Law in 2003. Tregg has also served in the Army and completed special trial training at the prestigious National Criminal Defense College at Mercer Law School in Macon, Georgia. Tregg Lunn Law in Lincoln, NE, serves persons facing serious legal problems or who are taken advantage of by the government systems.

Attorney Tregg Lunn

Attorney Tregg Lunn believes in the right to seek justice, no matter what a person is accused of doing or not doing. He strongly feels that criminal defense should be a matter of allowing an accused person their foundational Constitutional Rights, including the presumption of innocence and rights to a fair, unbiased trail. He also is sympathetic to those persons who are experiencing financial woes and who are harassed by unscrupulous debt collectors. He will work closely with you, to decide what the best way to reach your goals is and to help you get the justice you deserve.

Lincoln Attorney

An active Lincoln Attorney, Tregg Lunn offers professional legal advice and representation backed by years of successful law practice and experience with Consumer Rights and Criminal Defense. His office handles a variety of criminal cases, from misdemeanors and traffic violations to serious felonies. He does related administrative work, such as solving problems that affect your driver’s license or criminal record.

If you have Consumer Law difficulties, like being hounded by debt collectors, Tregg Lunn can help stop that illegal activity. You may even qualify for a $1,000 judgment against that collector to pay for legal fees and other costs.

Nebraska Lawyer

Serving people who are most in need of legal representation is the main mission of Attorney Tregg Lunn, an experienced Nebraska Lawyer. Tregg works with people from all backgrounds who face serious legal issues. He also is one of a select group of attorneys who represents indigent people accused of crimes in the U.S. Federal District Court of Nebraska. His legal services are affordable; you can discuss your legal problems with Tregg in a first consultation at no charge, in person at the Lincoln, NE, law offices or by telephone.

Contact the Law Office of Tregg Lunn, Lincoln, NE, today to get the legal representation you need to protect your freedom and rights. Call Tregg now, at: (402) 730-7021.