Criminal Defense

Lincoln Nebraska Criminal Law Attorney

If you were charged with a criminal offense, it is essential to hire an experienced and effective criminal defense attorney without delay. A conviction for a felony offense may result in years of incarceration, expensive fines, loss of civil rights, a permanent criminal record and numerous other court sanctions. Even a misdemeanor conviction can result in up to a year in jail, heavy fines, probation, revocation of your driver’s license, and more. Attorney Tregg Lunn is an experienced defense attorney and handles all Nebraska misdemeanors and felonies. A free consultation is available by contacting the Law Office of Tregg Lunn.

Handling All Nebraska Criminal Offenses

Nebraska prosecutors aggressively pursue felony and misdemeanor convictions. Tregg handles all criminal cases, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • DUI– handling first, second, third and subsequent drunk and drugged driving charges
  • Drug charges – possession, trafficking, distribution, manufacturing, other
  • Theft offenses – shoplifting, burglary, robbery/armed robbery, auto theft, bad checks
  • White collar crime – fraud, embezzlement, identity theft, insurance fraud, bank fraud, federal charges
  • Domestic violence – stalking, harassment, domestic and sexual assault, protection order violations
  • Sex offenses – sexual assault, pornography, underage sex, sex with vulnerable adult, others

Tregg handles all adult and juvenile criminal offenses, whether noted on the list above or not.

Obtain Legal Defense as Early in the Case as Possible

Whether you were already arrested and charged with a criminal offense, or are presently under investigation for one, it is essential to obtain criminal defense representation as early as possible. If you have been questioned for an offense, or have otherwise become aware that you are a person of interest, hiring a criminal defense attorney immediately is of the utmost importance. Intervention at the pre-arrest and early stages of a case allows your attorney to take charge of the case, respond to questions on your behalf, interact with the authorities and develop a defense strategy. In many instances early intervention may result in a dismissal or being charged with lesser offenses.

Lancaster County Criminal Defense Attorney

As a former public defender in both Nebraska and Colorado, Attorney Tregg Lunn has extensive courtroom experience and knowledge of criminal procedure. He handles all stages of each case personally, always pursuing the most favorable results possible for his clients. Alternatives to incarceration such as drug court and diversion programs are sought whenever possible. Attorney Tregg Lunn is one of the few lawyers who the United States District Court appoints to represent indigent individuals in Federal court in Nebraska. He offers flexible payment plans and affordable fees. For a confidential consultation, call the Law Office of Tregg Lunn at 402-730-7021.